How does this all work?

Work/Artwork allows you to create a unique piece of art representing your Git repository and all the work that has gone into it. We’ve collaborated with some amazing artists to create a range of designs - something to suit everyone. When you import your repository, its metadata is combined with the design to create a unique artwork. Each artwork is beautifully mounted and ready to take pride of place on your wall. The idea is to translate digital effort into a lasting physical work of artistic beauty.

Why does each page mention a donation?

We donate a third of all profits to good causes. If you buy an artwork that uses a repository from one of the open source projects featured on the "get started" page, then we make the donation directly to that project. If you buy an artwork using one of your own repositories, then we make the donation to a charity selected by the artist.

What are the open source projects you're featuring?

  • Clap: Command Line Argument Parser for Rust
  • Strawberry: Python GraphQL library based on dataclasses
  • Xdebug: Step Debugger and Debugging Aid for PHP
  • Neovim: Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

Can you feature my open source project too?

We're happy to receive suggestions! Please get in touch at [email protected] and tell us a bit about your project.

Who made this?

Work/Artwork is an experimental project by Repography - a GitHub app which helps you understand and visualize your GitHub repositories.

If you find a bug, it's probably Arpad Ray's fault. Our amazing artists:

What data do you use from my Git repository?

Our analyser script looks at all past commits in your repository to extract a history both of authors and of files. This lets us see the activity of authors over time and also how the current contents of the repository has taken shape. It's important to note this is only metadata. We do not store or upload the contents of any files in your repository.

Why does my artwork look different from the examples?

Every artwork is a unique combination of the design, your customisations, and the metadata of your repository.

Will my data & designs be kept private?

Yes we do not share any designs except the examples we’ve made using open source repositories with the permission of the owners. The security of the service and the protection of your data is our highest priority. When creating a design you will have the option to share a link to it. Naturally anyone you share that link with will be able to view the design.

Do I need permission from my employer to create a design on Work/Artwork?

While our analysis only includes metadata and not the contents of files, it still could be considered confidential data and you should ensure you have permission from the owner of the repository first.

How long do you store the analysis for my repository?

We store the analysis for a maximum of one week to give you the opportunity to try different designs. We'll email you a link allowing you to delete the analysis at any time.

What is your returns policy?

Since each artwork is unique and bespoke to your data we cannot accept returns, however we are happy to replace for free, any item damaged in transit or with which you are not totally happy. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Please also read our terms of use and our privacy policy.

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