Turn your hard work into artwork.

Great code is worth celebrating.

Choose a design from a top artist, import your repo, and generatively create an artwork.

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by Christoph Grünberger
50cm x 70cm framed print / €340

The essence of your repository distilled into bold Bauhaus lines in a variety of palettes.

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A Space Interrupted

by Brendan Dawes
A1 framed print / €340

A blank space – the starting point of any project – becomes punctuated with black type, their forms scaled by the activity of the repository.

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by Amelie Maia
50cm x 50cm mounted print / €340

Turn branches into branches with a unique procedurally generated Cherry Blossom tree.

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by Lin Yi-Wen
A1 framed print / €340

A topographical map of the repository in a sleek black frame

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